While it can be extremely difficult during the probate process to make the decision in putting someone in control over a loved one, establishing a guardianship is often necessary and extremely helpful for your loved one. Guardians are court-appointed individuals who are granted the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of individuals — children or adults — who are unable to care for themselves or are incopacitated.

At Sefton Kelly Family Law, located in Naperville, we carry extensive experience representing people throughout Illinois seeking guardianships for their loved ones. Our attorneys handle each case as a team, using their considerable skill and compassion to resolve these cases in a way that protects individuals in need of help.

Guardians Protect The Well-Being Of Those Who Cannot Care For Themselves

Conservatorship means a guardian is appointed by the court, guardians have the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of those who are unable to care for themselves. A guardian gains legal and financial power over them, making sure that their interests are being served. Guardianships can be secured for people of all ages, including disabled adults, minor children and elders.

If you prefer not to have someone unfamiliar appointed guardian for your loved one, ensuring that you choose someone you can trust to only act in the best interest of your loved one is important. This is a serious long-term responsibility that cannot be taken lightly.

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