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Vicki made this easy and painless. First off I would like to say that everyone at the firm treated me great and I would like to thank them. Vicki came highly recommended through a good friend. I couldn’t be happier in my decision to use Vicki as my attorney. She made my divorce and child support case go as smooth as possible. I told Vicki what I was looking for and what I would settle for and she fought for me and I came out ahead of what I asked her for. She told me step by step how everything would go and in the end it turned out just as she said from the beginning. Highly recommend Vicki

Almost anyone who has been through the divorce process can agree it is a brutal experience. It’s hard to make a point to anyone involved, namely lawyers and judges, because they have opinions that make no sense and memories that leave much to be desired. In this light, I consider myself fortunate to have used Hilary Sefton. She was the one coherent person in the whole process. She was organized, had a good memory, didn’t need to go over the same things countless times, and the motions and petitions she wrote were well written and understandable. On top of those things, all of which are obviously important, Hilary is also just good at what she does. She’ll give it to you straight. She won’t have you “chasing rainbows” or going down paths that get you nowhere. Again, my opinion of the entire system is pretty low, so I was glad to have found Hilary. It’s worth me repeating again that she didn’t constantly need to ask for the same information over and over (a divorce lawyer trick), was organized, and remembered the items and topics important to me, the client. Some of these things may seem obvious, but after going through two previous lawyers and dealing with a know-nothing judge and opposing counsel who did nothing to facilitate a settlement, I wish I’d used Hilary the entire time. It would have saved me months of squabbling and thousands of dollars. If you’re going through the unfortunate circumstance of divorce, seriously, do yourself a favor and hire Hilary. She listens. She can produce quality documents. In a bad experience, she is professional and does it right. I was so impressed with her I referred two of my friends to her already.

I cannot praise Hilary enough for her professionalism, expertise, and her ability to provide a strategy that provided a favorable ruling in a guardianship matter she handled for me and my daughter! She is a consummate professional, and I have no reservation about recommending her to anyone. In fact, everyone I had the pleasure of dealing with at Sefton Kelly Family Law was more than outstanding.

Major life events often result in more emotion than logic, and my divorce was no different. Vicki kept me on track. She was honest, always available, and provided that level of comfort and trust that I needed to get through such a drastic change in my life. From establishing a retainer to the judge’s bench, I always knew what to expect. Vicki had this way of making sure I was always prepared; no surprises, which is exactly what someone needs when life throws you a curveball. I’d recommend Vicki time and again!

I really appreciate Hilary’s ethics in how she has dealt with a very unfortunate set of circumstances in my life. She is always professional and never demeaning to the other side, but very determined and fair in her work. I also felt that she really cared about me as a person, and did not just see me as a client. She fought hard for me. I was very comfortable with her representing me.

Let me start by saying, Vickie is absolutely awesome! I needed an attorney in the Cook County area for a private adoption which was to be uncontested. I began looking for an attorney that could represent me, as it would be easy for me to travel to the area if necessary. I did a bit of research and found Sefton Kelly Family Law. The thing that initially drew me to this law firm was the fact that most of what they did was family law and their practitioners had many years of experience. I was confident that anyone in the firm would know exactly what needed to be done for a successful outcome. I called the number and asked for an initial consultation. They were able to see me a couple of days later. The day of the consultation, I met Vicki Kelly. After explaining my situation, Vicki told me what the process would look like and what the general costs were for my situation in a straightforward manner. Vicki was kind, warm, and really enthusiastic about helping me with the adoption. Her confidence and knowledge put me right at ease, and I hired her as quickly as I possibly could. Whatever question or concern I had, she would immediately get back to me at her earliest convenience. The wonderful thing about Vicki and her team is that everyone I met or spoke with at Sefton Kelly Family Law was just as awesome! The adoption became a bit more complicated than originally expected, but throughout it all Vicki was there for me, guiding me, putting my mind at ease, and even listening to my frustrations when I needed to share them. All of the documents prepared by her and her associates were always sent to me before the filings, and they always respected my wishes and fought for me through the whole process. They were even kind enough to allow me some time to put finances in order for the fees that were steadily mounting because of the complications that arose. Vicki was always supportive, available, and really fighting for a positive outcome for my situation. She was knowledgeable and gave me the facts, even when I was scared of hearing them. She and the team that was involved in my adoption proceedings were always prepared with case law and previous cases that pertained to what we were going through. They had everything prepared for the legal fight that ensued. I think Vicki was able to understand what I was going through and really helped me get through the hurdles, court dates, processes, and all of what came with my particular situation. The day that all of the motions and such were finally completed and the judge finally signed off, Vicki was there to share a hug with me. The adoption became final on 11/18/15, which we will always remember. I do believe people are put into our lives for a reason, and Vicki helped make my life complete. She rocks, and so does everyone at Sefton Kelly Family Law. They will forever have my gratitude and thanks.

Compassionate, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, professional Hilary and her firm compassionately and expertly walked me through the most difficult time in my life – divorce, catching details I would not have considered and making sure that I got the best settlement for myself and my children. It was my goal to be fair, kind, and diplomatic to my ex, who is not an easy man to get along with. They allowed me to review all correspondence before it went to him, and change wording as I saw fit so as not to provoke him. It worked. My divorce was amicable, fair, and, as divorces go, easy. Everyone at the firm that I had any interaction with, email or phone, was professional and kind and knew my case personally. I can’t say enough about Grunyk and Hilary and her team. No one wants to go through a divorce, but if you have to, Hilary and her team will make sure you maintain your dignity and sanity through the process.

Vicki Kelly is an Exceptional Attorney. I hired Vicki to assist me with child support issues with my ex-wife. Unlike other lawyers, she goes out of her way to make sure you are not spending money and time on issues or items that do not make sense. The thing that impressed me the most about Vicky is that she was always Well prepared and had great knowledge of the Law. She is open, honest, understanding and a great listener. She is very patient and kind in dealing with tough situations. She also does a great job giving you reasonable options and is one of the nicest lawyers I’ve ever met. I highly recommend Vicki Kelly for any family law matters.

5.0 stars Vicki did a great job representing me. She was very thorough and detailed. She definitely spent significant time preparing for court. Vicki made sure she understood all the facts. It was very easy to work with her. I was very happy with the outcome.

Without the guidance of Vicki, I would not have been able to get through my divorce. She always looked out for me and my children during the divorce proceedings. Divorce is really hard, but when you have someone like Vicki in your corner, the process goes much smoother! She always updated me on the status of the case and advised of what the next steps should be.

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